Development of Origin Resources

ECOM Foundation for Development of Origin Resources founded in 2006, is a 501c(3) public charity committed to ensuring a better life for origin producers. Our Project directives focus on better education, health care, social services and environmental practices to achieve long term sustainability for rural growers and their families in producing communities.

Educational Working with local non-government organizations, public charities, corporations, and local and national governments, ECOM Foundation funds the installation of satellite computer schools, the implementation of environmental sustainability focused programs within existing schools and builds traditional schools. 

  • Our ECOM Foundation Satellite Schools Program provides installation of computers, satellite dishes, technical equipment and satellite delivered curriculum to rural schools in Talnique, San Carlos and San Miguel, El Salvador and in Oaxaca, Mexico, to serve both students and the adult farming community. Tier 1 schools are installed in existing schools.  Tier 2 schools also provide the school building, teacher salaries, a generators if needed. Tier 3 schools include additional electricity, by solar panels if needed for extreme rural circumstances.
  • Our Sustainable Agricultural Education Programs are taught in high schools in Papua New Guinea and to rural farming communities in Kenya.
  • We have built Traditional Schools in W. Bengal, India, and, near a slum, the Daisy School in Bangalore, India.


  • In partnership with Grounds for Health, in a program pioneered by the Gates Foundation, we helped to create “Single Visit” cervical cancer clinics in Comitan, Mexico, Nicaragua and Tanzania.
  • In Indonesia, ECOM Foundation built orphanages and hospices after the 2004 Tsunami.
  • A health clinic in Riabai, Kenya and water well in Androlova, Madagascar provide relief in desperate circumstances.

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